Let me introduce myself!

I'm Sophie, a fourth-year student in the York University / Sheridan College program of Design and product designer at Kabo Labs. With a particular passion in UX/UI, branding, and web design, I constantly strive to make the world a prettier place with the power of creative problem solving. I have a small obsession with pushing the limits of form and beauty in my work and thrive on complex challenges. With that being said, I treated my website as a passion project, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Outside of design, my passion lies in dance, dogs, and the designer fashion industry. I tend to enjoy the little things in life, so naturally I like to pay attention to detail. Get to know me and you’ll quickly learn that I aim to impress, try to keep everyone’s best interest at heart, and get along with everybody—­ and every pooch!

Say heyo back already!

Have a problem you would like me to solve? Give me a for any freelance work and I’ll grab us some coffee—or bubble tea.

Or see me as a potential fit? I am currently seeking job opportunities!