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May 2020
Empower pet owners' confidence by providing them with a transparent, reliable, and trustworthy app—removing the intimidation of traditional insurance

Amiy is an intuitive approach in the pet insurance industry, offering completely customizable insurance plans, so users always know exactly what they are paying for.

Vet costs have increased 73% in the last decade due to tech innovation in the field, so pet owners are exponentially joining the market in hopes of finding a helping hand. This makes pet insurance a rapidly growing market, with premiums written in Canada and USA amounting to $208.6 million CAD and $1.6 billion USD respectively in 2019. It is clear that the pet insurance market is a large one, which makes it that much more imperative for a solution to be made for the struggles consumers face in this overwhelming and time-consuming process.

Three screens from the app Amiy. From left to right shows: welcome screen, gender onboarding screen, and custom quote screen

Within the pet insurance industry, families with beloved furry friends often face a lack of transparency with their policies, creating a false sense of security for their pet's well-being. The process of researching and signing up for just the right policy is also difficult and stressful. Resultantly, even after hours of googling, many owners end up rushing this process and picking a policy quickly without understanding all the details. The general insurance market also has a shortfall of modern approaches and considerations for its consumers; pet owners still need to mail or fax documents rather than conveniently rely on what technology has made capable today.

Shows from left to right, 4 pain points in the pet insurance industry: lack of transparency, false sense of security, unintuitive onboarding, and outdated and complex UX/UI
A chart highlighting the design process of Explair: Research, analyze, conceptualize, prototype, evaluate & test, iterate, final result
A chart highlighting the design process of Explair: Research, analyze, conceptualize, prototype, evaluate & test, iterate, final result

The following maps out the pain points of a user's experience throughout the pet insurance process:

Throughout this process, the user experiences 3 negative pain points and 2 medium pain points.

A graph mapping out the user's experience from severe pain point to low pain point. From left to right: find a reputable insurance company (high), choose the right insurance package (high), sign up for insurance policy (medium), obtain vet bills (low), file a claim (high), wait for claim's approval (medium), get money back (low).
A chart highlighting the design process of Explair: Research, analyze, conceptualize, prototype, evaluate & test, iterate, final result

Our goal with Amiy is to build trust between the insurance provider and the user, and ultimately make the claiming process less time-consuming and stressful. By building out a modern and enhanced technological solution, Amiy can not only provide an easy-to-use, accessible, and friendly insurance platform, but also revolutionize the pet insurance industry.


Fun Onboarding

Being broken down into small individual steps prevents users from being engulfed with information and lessens hesitation of providing personal information.

Original and engaging illustrations offer a unique and positive visual experience for users.

A progress bar presents a sense of gamification.

Personalized Insurance

Rather than choosing between traditional pre-determined packages, Amiy offers insurance that the user can be in full control over.

Coverages can be completely added/removed, coverage amounts can be increased/decreased, and additional add-ons are available.

From another perspective, add-ons provide local businesses a partnering platform to reach more audiences in potential monthly services.

Easy Management

Amiy's dashboard is as simple as it can get: it has four primary functions and one CTA for filing a claim.

Every important action is accessible with two taps or less!

The UI on the dashboard is super clean, yet—with the colours and illustrations—still remain fun and friendly.

Quick and Easy Claims

Filing a claim is done conveniently in-app, unlike its competitive counterparts.

The typically stressful process is simplified into 3 steps: Choose the type of fees to claim, upload relevant documents, and provide a signature!

Once a claim is opened, users can easily track the status of their claim since it will be displayed on the landing dashboard every time the app is opened.


Amiy's colours and typography create a reassuring, trustworthy and easy to use UI, with a pop of fun!

The colour scheme of Amiy
The typography system in Amiy (Averia Serif Libre and Open Sans)
Shows the different UI elements in Amiy (such as buttons, text fields, progress bars, etc.)
Shows several of the original illustrations and iconography used in Amiy.

• the impact of UI/UX design on metrics and vice versa
• focusing on the MVP
• the importance of interdepartmental collaboration/communication


You can access the Figma prototype to Amiy !

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